Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Team Tabletop #5: the Rap

One of the members of Team Tabletop ended up creating a rap as a follow-up to the mission write-up. I cannot claim credit for this one, as any rap I would make would be on par with Vanilla Ice's "Ninja Rap".

Here's the lyrics:

Roll for initiative, toss out the beagle
Hidin from the spotters cause the airstrike is lethal
I destroy the tank and pass the balsamic
Layin down mines and these dummies fall on it
But that ain't the end of a turn-based tale
Cause we gaussed the motherfuckers and LRMed out the whale

I personally would like to see this sung by hologram Tupac with Digital Underground.

Google Tupac and Digital Underground. I dare you.

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